Thursday, January 1, 2009

Discussing a point with the passing out batch of class XII cadets


Lt Col CR Reddy was the Headmaster of this institution from 2004 to 2007. He was the best Headmaster we have had. Ours was the lucky batch to have his teaching for the first time in our school. We were taught by him in class VII and VIII. During his tenure he ensured that the school attained its dignified standard. He is a devoted officer who could handle academic branch and administration at the same time. The school did grow from strength to strength to a great extent under his proficient guidance.
Besides his duty as Headmaster, he also took interest in teaching. He taught physics to a single batch for three years. He attended every morning’s fitness training. He had lively and active physique and most of the cadets followed his styles of exercises in the morning. Every Saturday and even during the inter house cross country race, he used to run cross country with us. Under his able leadership every body in the school were able to learn swimming and horse riding.
His quest to improve cadet’s personality was so much that he remembered their names. This shows his involvement in well being of each and every cadet’s life. He introduced various adventure activities like parasailing, adventure camp at Pachmarhi and Jammu and Kashmir.
He organised our educational cum recreational tours in a very interesting manner. He gave importance to each place we visited and stayed by making advance correspondence. His concern for academics was understood well when he organised tours for all classes with in a short span of one single week. This kept the academics unaffected.
He also stressed on the fact that discipline in every cadet was built. He modified school routine to help the cadets to read comfortably. He used to take rounds even during night preps after dinner. He was strict as well as close to boys. We cannot forget him for his accuracy in awarding marks in examinations i.e. 0.25 or 0.75 for partially correct answers. His practical teaching in physics classes has developed a keen interest in the subject among his students. He gave out passes for a short duration of about 20-30 minutes. This was to save our study time during holidays like Sunday. He was actively participating in all the school activities. Be it a 50 m race, cross country, Inter house matches, debates or prep periods. He is simple person. We remember his scooter and the helmet.
He was an officer with standard values systems which he intended to build in every individual student under him.
We will know the true value of something only in its absence. We, Ajeets, cherish all the memorable days spent with him.
(Lt Col C Ravindra Reddy was Headmaster from 09 June 2004 to 23 March 2007).
Abhijeet A Kotabagi,4003, Wod